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  • Racehorses Win with Super Blue-Green Algae®
  • Straw Bale Cabin Construction Photo Journal
  • The Soul of a Horse
    Metaphysical Discourses on the nature of the horse/human relationship
    and how we can connect with our higher self through the soul of a horse
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  • ou can call us & leave a message at
    800 927-2527 ext 0463
  • Add Me!

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Everything is negotiable.
Prices listed below are suggested... contact us for your estimate.


  • Simple pages start at $50 per page
  • Page work is billed by hour @$20/hr after two hours or so of wrestling with your "simple" page. This includes changes to your pages!
  • Frames, lots of links, etc. - contact us!
  • Page maintenance - contact us!
  • Logos start at $50 per logo
  • Scan your original photo $8 (includes return postage). Price discounted after the first photo.
  • Mess with photos $20/hr
  • Lots of boring typing $20/hr (I type fast)

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