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These are TRUE stories, told to us first hand and/or verifiable through published media

My Dog Patty, aka The SlugBroken Bones
The Sway Backed Horse - Bambi's storyHow to Become a World Champion Racehorse
in One Easy Lesson
California Filly Wins BigThe Rest of the Story
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Our dog Patty is an Anatolian Shepherd, a guardian breed from Turkey. She is about 130 lbs, which is somewhat over the ideal weight for a female of her breed. Patty has a unique personality, and, mind you, this is in a breed that is pretty strange anyway. She takes the guarding business seriously. She also believes that, since guarding is a full time job, a dog shouldn't expend all that much energy at any one time, just in case she might really need the energy for later on. So, Patty's interpretation of guarding our herd of Arabian horses is laying down and barking every once in a while to let the lions and wolves and bears (and probably dragons and ogres) know that she's on the job.

Our Dog Patty, aka The Slug

Another unique thing about Patty (don't know about for other Anatolians) is that most food is not all that interesting to her. You can put a steak into her food bowl and even if you shove the bowl under her nose, she will look it over, sniff it, maybe lick it and then she might or might not actually eat it. Even cookies - Oreo cookies! - get this once-over. (Note: This does not apply to steaks, cookies, cheese, bread or other food items left on kitchen tables or counters which are at nose height for an Anatolian. These foods disappear rather quickly. As you can imagine, we have become quite careful about sacrificing our dinners to Patty in this manner). On the other hand, a bowlful of dog food can stay untouched by Patty for several days. What does she exist on?

Well, Patty's guard job duties and apparently extraordinarily slow metabolism combined with her dietary habits have resulted in one rather slothful, sluggish, porky dog.

You would think we'd have figured out about the algae on our own, since that's our business, but we didn't. It took running out of dog food one evening. Since we live very far from any stores, we don't just "run into town" to pick up things. We had to improvise Patty's dinner. Reasoning that not all that many years ago there wasn't commercial dog food, we decided Patty could eat brown rice, home-made turkey broth that I had in the freezer, some of the plentiful zuccini I had in the garden (grated up), and just to be safe, I would throw in a teaspoon of Cell Tech's Animal Food.

Amazingly enough, Patty scarfed down her dinner. This was an absolute first! I decided the next day to feed her the same thing. Not only did she eat it all, but she actually got up and walked over to me before I put the dog food mixture in her dish. The next night, she woofed twice before I fed her - never in the 8 years we've had this dog did she ever show any interest whatsoever in her dinner. We decided to continue feeding Patty this way, varying the protein source and raw vegetables, and adding a small amount (about two cupfuls) of high quality dry dog food into the mixture.

A week and a half later, we noticed that Patty was moving around a lot more. She was continuing to show this new interest in her dinner, and, whats more, she'd lost weight! Her eyes were sparkley, she seemed to have a grin on her face a lot of the time, and her tail wagged a lot more. She actually walked over to Paul the other day to be petted. In short, Patty has a new lease on life.

Moral of this story: Sometimes dogs know more than people do about what's the right thing to eat.
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Broken Bones

This story is about my friend Deana's friend Debi. They work together at a truck sales place in Oregon, and are as close as sisters. Debi has had some bad health problems, one after the other, and to add insult to injury, she had broken her leg last year. It had a plate and screws in it, but it just wasn't healing, and her doctor told her that if some healing didn't start soon, they were going to have to do a bone graft.

In June Deana decided to try Super Blue Green Algae®. She figured it might do Debi some good and got her to try it as well. Now, not only does Deana say that she has so much more energy that she can't believe it, but Debi's doctor said her leg is healing and she doesn't need the bone graft. In fact, in the beginning of September, the plate and screws were removed and Debi is on her way to full recovery.

Moral of this story: When you eat SBGA® incredible things can happen to your body. Super nutrition gives the body super energy and super raw materials to do the job it is supposed to: Build, repair and maintain a healthy body.
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The Sway Backed Horse - Bambi's Story


Robyn decided to put her horse on Super Blue Green Algae® (there is an animal version of the algae). Robyn's horse, Bambi, was now 20 or so. His back was sagging badly, and he must have had some arthritis, because he couldn't negotiate downhills very well any more.

Robyn loves Bambi as much as I love Nas (Ben Nasrif, purebred Arabian stallion), so she decided to try the algae, because she couldn't stand the idea of riding another horse. She could give up racing, but not riding Bambi, and she wasn't going to ride him if he was in pain.

Well, she'd taken a photo of his back to give to a saddlemaker for a special saddle for Bambi. After putting him on the algae - and I confess, I forget how long it was, but no longer than a few months - she took another photo, because his back was strengthened to the point where it had come up enough so she didn't need the new saddle. And, honest truth, she took Bambi & successfully completed a 50 mile race in southern CA.

Moral of the story: When you are willing to try, you can succeed,
so don't give up, get algae!

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How to Become a World Champion Racehorse in One Easy Lesson

My direct upline sponsor (Cell Tech is a MLM company) is Donna MacArthur, an AQHA track trainer. Last September she put 4 of her horses in training on the algae. One of them, Dashing Folly, with no prior wins to her name, wound up undefeated in 1996, and was awarded title of AQHA World Champion Racehorse. This year she did come in second once - she was last out of the gate due to a stumble & yet passed the pack & had the race been a bit longer, would have passed the first place horse. But after that unfortunate start, she's won everything else this year.
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California Filly Wins Big

A stablemate of World Champion Dashing Folly, Corona Cash, has also been eating algae since last Sept. She just won the All American Futurity at Ruidoso Downs this Labor Day, a $1.6 million purse. Corona Cash is a 2 year old filly, & Donna & the filly's jockey, Tami Purcell, are all SBGA™ eaters. Two other stablemates, Temerity Wrangler & Champagne Lane, are also winning. You really need to compare the 4 algae horses to the other (non-Algae) horses in Donna's stable to appreciate all this.

Moral of this story: The odds for winning on race horses who are regular eaters of SBGA® are so good.... that the odds on the horses at the betting window are bad, so either find one who's just starting to eat the algae and bet on that one, or start feeding your athletic horse Super Blue Green Algae® and you can bet on it!
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The Rest of the Story

Once upon a time, back in 1984, a bunch of crazy people, many of whom were strangers to each other, were indulging in the Tevis, a 100 mile endurance horserace over the Sierra Mountains. Although there were about 250 of these crazy people plus their support crews involved, this story is about 3 of them: Me (Lif), my husband Paul, and our good friend Robyn, whom we had met in 1981, when we were on a pre-riding of the race trail. This story starts 3 years after that fateful meeting, which is a story in itself, but not for now.

Endurance races have veterinary checks every so many miles. This year, in this race, the first check was at French Meadows, about 30 miles into the ride. Paul's mare, Etta, not a bit calmed down at this point in the race and eager to get on with it, swung her head and smacked Robyn, who was just trying to help out as a good crew member should, in the face, knocking her front teeth loose. Poor Robyn - it was the second time this had happened to her. The first time was a fall off a horse onto her face on the pavement, when the teeth were knocked completely out. She had the good sense then to keep them in her mouth, and they were reimplanted, and after the Tevis, she and her dentist were able to stave off disaster again.

About 10 years later, however, Robyn was suffering from repurcussions from those horse accidents. She was having pain & the dentist found signs of infection in the bone. Robyn is, with good reason, quite vain about her beautiful teeth, and of course, after having put so much effort into keeping the original ones over the past years, she didn't want to give these up without a fight. Her boyfriend had bugged her about this nutritional product - Super Blue Green Algae™, which I've been telling you about in these stories - for some time but she thought it was just so much B.S. Now, however, she was willing to give it a try. I'd like to say that Robyn and her healthy teeth lived happily ever after, but unfortunately that's not true - she is happy, but she will eventually have to have those teeth replaced. Still, she's gotten extra years of pain free existance because of the algae, and that's worth a lot.

Paul & I have been algae eaters for about 3 years now. We have some of our horses on it, and it is truly amazing stuff. Not because it's a miracle food (we don't claim that, but we ourselves believe it is), or the only thing in the world that works - it is amazing because it is such a simple food and yet it is so packed with nutrition that it allows animals & people to fix/heal themselves. There are other products out there that will also help fix & heal, but everyone has to make a choice. This product is natural, wild, and I have faith in it & the company, Cell Tech, so we chose Super Blue Green Algae™.
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So that's the story on Super Blue Green Algae™, horse (any animal, really) & human super nutrition. Well, it's not the whole story, since I could tell you many many stories of the positive changes in people's and animal's lives when they've started eating SBGA™. Kids get off Ritalin, unhealing broken bones begin to heal, algae eaters win Olympic Gold Medals, Guatamalan schoolkids' grade point averages jump, oh many, many TRUE stories!

Here's the deal

Contact me and I'll talk your ear off about SBGA®, or just let me know if you'd like to learn more about Cell Tech - you can become an algae eater, and you can become an Independent Cell Tech Distributor, too - and I'll send you info.

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Lif Strand, Independent Cell Tech Distributor
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